Lessons to learn from Utah

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Hi Folks, Just viewed a few brilliant articles about true innovation in law (thanks David @ QLS!). Utah has introduced a wonderful model of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) backed up by facilitators and Licensed Paralegal Practitioners to deliver resolution of small claims matters. The system has been nick-named “Pyjama Courts” but don’t let that term […]

ALRC Report released

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Hi People, The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has just released the long awaited comprehensive review into the family law system. After more than a year in the making, the ALRC has made 60 recommendations. Should be some interesting reading there and some ground-breaking revelations to reform the system that is now 40+ years since […]

…But Wait, There’s More!

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Hi Folks, It was only last week that I posted on the subject of a sudden and extraordinary rash of long-overdue judicial appointments to the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court after an extended period of apparent stasis. Well it seems that the avalanche of appointments continues with a further two judges for the […]

Judicial Appointments

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Hi Folks, Is it just me or is there a federal election looming? It’s just that I can’t help noticing some pretty significant announcements by the Commonwealth Attorney-General in recent weeks. Announcements of things that will doubtless provide some very meaningful improvements in the woeful state of the family law courts and people’s experience in […]

LCA call for FCC Judge in Townsville

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Hi Folks, Pretty disgusted today to read that Townsville hasn’t had a single Federal Circuit Court judge sitting there since 8 February 2019, when Judge Middleton was redeployed to assist in Brisbane and Cairns. How is that right? I know Brisbane is certainly busy and extra judges are always welcome, but it shouldn’t be at […]

Some great new family law books

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Hi folks, I’ve been reading some excellent new books about family law of late. The first one I have to tell you about is ‘Moving On – What you need to know about Separation and Divorce’, beautifully written by Julie Hodge, The Family Lawyer. Julie brings her years of experience as a family lawyer and […]

QLS Innovation Committee

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Hi folks, I’m feeling honoured this week to have been invited to become a member of the Queensland Law Society’s new Innovation Committee! I am so looking forward to engaging with other legal innovators as we navigate through the exciting new possibilities for law and lawyers in the age of ‘digital disruption’. #innovation #legaltech

FCFCA Bills Committee Report released – not very good…

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I have just finished reading the 76 page Report from the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (the Committee) enquiry into the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bills (the FCFC Bills). Released two months earlier than instructed to by the Senate, the Report is, as expected, in support of the Bills, […]

“My Health Record” Concerns

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“My Health Record” Concerns With the new deadline of 31 January 2019 to opt-out of the My Health Record system, I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the implications for separating families, especially those with children and domestic violence concerns. The My Health Record scheme was initially and opt-in process, but in […]

More Misery from the Front Line

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More Misery from the Front Line Despite submissions to the Senate inquiry into the Federal Circuit and Family Court Bills being closed officially on 23 November last year, another submission was published today from a member of the public. It was beautifully written but made for very sad reading, yet again emphasising the traumatic experience […]