Family Law Tool Kits is an initiative of Carolyn Reid, a family law solicitor determined to help people, particularly those who are unable to afford the services of a lawyer, to navigate their way following a significant relationship breakdown.

In a previous life, Carolyn had a career in television computer graphics, animation, special effects and building web sites. In 2010, knowing nothing of law, she began helping a friend going through a tough family breakup involving property, family trusts, companies, parenting and domestic violence – a complex case that took six years to finally resolve. She witnessed first hand the problems faced by ordinary people forced to self-represent for some or all of their matter.

Carolyn Reid

That ‘helping hand’ ignited a deep passion for the law and the prospect of being able to use the law to help others like her friend.

“I believe that everyone should have access to justice, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money they have. One way to help achieve this goal is to make quality, tailored information available to everyone, whenever and wherever they need it, and most importantly, for a reasonable and affordable price.”

Starting in 2011 Carolyn studied full-time at Griffith University to attain a double degree in Law and Criminology and Criminal Justice (LLB/BCCJ), graduating in 2015. She achieved the Griffith University Academic Achievement Award in each of the five years for being in the top 5% of students. She went on to complete her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Dip. LP) at Bond University and was admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2016 and the High Court of Australia in 2017. 

After working in private law firms in 2017, Carolyn decided to combine her design and web-building background with her focused knowledge of family law to create Family Law Tool Kits in a bold bid to make the law as accessible as possible for everyone who need to understand the paths to resolving their family law matters when they cannot afford a lawyer’s help.

Carolyn is a proud member of the following professional organisations:

“At Family Law Tool Kits we believe that the first step towards resolving the issues that come with a major relationship breakdown is education. We believe that with knowledge comes a sense of empowerment, helping you to face the path ahead with more confidence and an understanding of likely outcomes. Accurate and timely information specific to your situation can also help you to focus on realistic goals and avoid costly mistakes.”

Although it is always preferable to obtain advice and/or representation from a practising lawyer, we realise that for many people, this is unfortunately not an option due to the substantial costs involved. Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres provide an invaluable service to clients unable to pay for a private solicitor, but many people do not qualify for a Legal Aid grant and Community Legal Centres are under-funded and limited in the extent of the help they can offer in the face of an overwhelming demand for their services. 

Even if you can afford or prefer to use the services of a lawyer, Family Law Tool Kits can save you considerable costs and maximise the time you spend with your lawyer. We give you the understanding of the law and processes and help you prepare and present your materials in the way the lawyer needs to quickly assess and advise you on issues in your case.

We emphasise that Family Law Tool Kits does not give legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice or representation.