At Family Law Tool Kits, we understand that the break down of a marriage or de facto relationship can be a very difficult time, particularly where children are involved. Almost every facet of your life is seriously disrupted as children, finances, your home and everyday activities are thrown into turmoil – tempers fray and emotions run high.

You need to understand what will happen, what your options are, and how to resolve your family dispute. Your best approach is always to seek advice from a family law solicitor.

But can you afford the help you need?  Can you afford a lawyer?

It might come as a shock to realise that:

  • solicitors charge $300 – $600 per hour to advise or act for you (charged in 6 minute units);
  • most law firms require you to pay a retainer of $2,000 to $5,000 into their trust account before they start working on your case;
  • private mediation costs around $3,500 plus your lawyer’s time to prepare for and attend it;
  • if you need to go to Court, it will likely cost you another $3,000 – $5,000 plus more preparation time (filling in forms, drafting affidavits) to get to the first appearance;
  • all of this is plus disbursements;
  • in family law each party generally pays their own costs.

For many families, the cost is simply out of their reach.

So what can you do?

Most Legal Aid services are limited to parenting matters only, so if there’s any property involved, it’s unlikely you can get a Legal Aid lawyer to help.

Without a lawyer, your only real option is to “self represent”. To navigate the complexity of law and forms and even Court. But every couple or family is different and your path to resolving your situation will also differ from others. Do you even know where to start?

This is where Family Law Tool Kits can help!

By asking you a series of simple YES/NO questions, Family Law Tool Kits can provide you with a complete plan of action containing only the information and resources that are relevant to your unique circumstances. 

We set out a clear path through the legal processes, complete with Court forms, worked examples, exclusive detailed instructions, timeframes, legislation and other resources specific to your matter, laid out in a series of clear steps to follow, all tailored to your particular needs.

We give you everything you need and nothing you don’t!


If you can’t afford a lawyer, our Tool Kits cost a fraction of the hourly fee for a lawyer and give you the tailored information and guidance you need to self-represent.


Our Tool Kits are regularly being updated to keep pace with changes in legislation and procedures (this happens more often than you would think!).


Prepared and curated by a family law solicitor, the materials in our Tool Kits are drawn from authoritative sources and all our information is backed up by reference to those sources.

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