How does it work?

The purchase of a Tool Kit enables you to have password protected access to that Tool Kit via this website for a specified period of time. You can come and go as you please as you work through the process.

When you first access the Tool Kit, we ask you to answer some simple questions. This allows us to narrow down the relevant path to take to complete the process. We then present you with a clear set of steps and provide all the resources needed to follow them and the time-frames by which they must be done.

We give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What do I get in a Tool Kit?
Depending on the Tool Kit and your answers to our key questions, you will be provided with general information and explanation of the topic, a tailored step-by-step guide with instructions on how to complete each step, Court forms and worked examples to help you see what to do. We also provide further information if you want to learn more about the law as it applies to you including one-click access to specific sections of legislation, relevant cases, fact sheets and more.
How long can I use the Tool Kit?

The length of time varies between Tool Kits but is very generous for the topic covered. For example, it should take no more than a few months to complete all the steps you need to do to obtain a divorce (even if the final divorce order happens after this), but the Divorce Tool Kit purchase is for three months’ access. More complex Tool Kits dealing with Consent Orders for example will have six months’ access for the purchase price. 

What if I need more time?
If you have not finished with the Tool Kit by the end of the purchased access period, we will email you in advance offering a heavily discounted rate to renew your access for a further period of time. There is no limit on the number of times you can renew your access.
What if I need more than one Tool Kit?

As we release new Tool Kits, we will be offering discounted rates for multiple Tool Kits access. This will be clearly shown on our Products page.

Got more questions? 

Get in touch on our Contact page or drop us an email: car@fltk.com.au

We’re happy to help!