…But Wait, There’s More!

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Hi Folks, It was only last week that I posted on the subject of a sudden and extraordinary rash of long-overdue judicial appointments to the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court after an extended period of apparent stasis. Well it seems that the avalanche of appointments continues with a further two judges for the […]

Judicial Appointments

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Hi Folks, Is it just me or is there a federal election looming? It’s just that I can’t help noticing some pretty significant announcements by the Commonwealth Attorney-General in recent weeks. Announcements of things that will doubtless provide some very meaningful improvements in the woeful state of the family law courts and people’s experience in […]

LCA call for FCC Judge in Townsville

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Hi Folks, Pretty disgusted today to read that Townsville hasn’t had a single Federal Circuit Court judge sitting there since 8 February 2019, when Judge Middleton was redeployed to assist in Brisbane and Cairns. How is that right? I know Brisbane is certainly busy and extra judges are always welcome, but it shouldn’t be at […]

Some great new family law books

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Hi folks, I’ve been reading some excellent new books about family law of late. The first one I have to tell you about is ‘Moving On – What you need to know about Separation and Divorce’, beautifully written by Julie Hodge, The Family Lawyer. Julie brings her years of experience as a family lawyer and […]