“My Health Record” Concerns

“My Health Record” Concerns

With the new deadline of 31 January 2019 to opt-out of the My Health Record system, I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the implications for separating families, especially those with children and domestic violence concerns.

The My Health Record scheme was initially and opt-in process, but in 2017 the Government changed this to automatically enrol the whole population unless individuals proactively opt-out.

Concerns were raised last year about the ability of perpetrators of domestic violence to use their parental status to create a My Health Record for their children without the knowledge or consent of the other parent (in this case, the aggrieved). This My Health Record would then allow the perpetrator to obtain information about visits with doctors and pharmacies and potentially track down their victims.

The Women’s Legal Service Qld published a very informative media release on the subject which is worth reading:

In response to these concerns, the Australian Digital Health Agency has addressed the issue, available on the following links.

Australian Digital Health Agency – Family and Domestic Violence page

Australian Digital Health Agency – Family Safety Information brochure

If you choose to opt-out for yourself or on behalf of your children, here’s the link the do it: