Submission Complete!

Submission Complete!

It’s taken a lot of research and a heck of a lot of time, but I’ve finally finished my submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs enquiry into the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bills.

At 9,834 over 19 pages it’s a fairly comprehensive document!

In it I have put forward a number of new initiatives designed to make the process of resolving family law matters more quickly and simply than the current systems permit. Amongst my suggestions is the use of technology where possible to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of just outcomes, and other suggestions to help everyday families get a fair outcome.

All of this is premised on the basis that many (if not most) families simply can’t afford lawyers to represent them at hundreds of dollars per hour for what might turn out to be years of adversarial litigation.

It’s well worth a read and lets you know some more about my motivation to help families by creating Family Law Tool Kits. Download the pdf here.