Legal Tech



Yesterday, Family Law Tool Kits (FLTK) joined the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA). This fledgling national organisation formed in January 2018 brings together those involved in imagining, developing, using and promoting technology systems to service the legal market.

Today, I attended an ALTA Demo Day in Brisbane where a range of legal tech businesses have the opportunity to demonstrate their wares to lawyers and others. What an excellent concept! In one morning I was able to see demos from several companies whose products were of interest to me – Automio, Neota Logic, Ailira and others. We then all had a chance to meet and discuss our projects.

Even though quite a few of the attendees and demonstrators were in direct competition with each other, such is the nature of the young and rapidly expanding field of legal tech, that the vibe in the room was incredibly positive with a strong collaborative feel. The place was buzzing with innovation and possibilities!

Proud to be a member of ALTA. I’ll be back for more.